James Milner Impressed with Wrong Appearance

James Milner Impressed with Wrong Appearance

Liverpool midfielder James Milner says his team-mate Mohamed Salah is a truly fantastic footballer Judi bola.

Praise is given because in the second period to play in the Premier League, the former Chelsea really changed drastic appearance. As a result now the Egyptian national team retainer became the top score while by packing 12 goals.

Even the presence of Salah to make the power of the Reds really very sharp and thanks to the contribution of Liverpool next season’s chance to re-follow the Champions League again if the player continues to show positive trends. With that note Mili also admitted surprise with the moncernya 25-year-old player.

“I was surprised at how well he did it quickly, I know how great he is,” James Milner told the media.

“But by changing the league. I know that he’s been here before, but his league is different, his football is different in his life is different. You also move your family.

“So this is a big change for anyone to do that. He played well and scored goals. He deserves credit. “

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