Rows of Interesting Facts Manchester City Success

Rows of Interesting Facts Manchester City Success

Not only in the Premier League, the strength of Manchester City in the Champions League 2017/2018 also clearly visible Their latest victim is Napoli on the fourth matchday of Group F at Stadio San Paolo on Thursday (2/11/2017) pm dawn.

Manchester City fell behind first by Lorenzo Insigne scored in the 21st minute. However, they were able to rise by scoring two goals back through Nicolas Otamendi in the 34th minute and John Stones to-48.

Napoli again evened the score after Jorginho maximize the penalty in the 62nd minute. Remarkably, The Citizens again scored two additional goals through Sergio Aguero in the 69th minute and Raheem Sterling 90 + 2.

4-2 victory over Napoli also brought Manchester City topped F standings with Raihan 12 points. That is, they carve out perfect results in four matches and ensure the Champions League’s top 16 tickets.


Their success was incised a number of interesting notes. Pep Guardiola was able to bring Manchester City scored some records, including unbeaten in 22 matches. Here’s a row of interesting facts winning Manchester City:

Interesting Facts

1. Manchester City extended their unbeaten trend to 22 matches (18 wins, 4 draws) in all competitions. This is the best record they have ever carved.

2. This is the first time they have been left behind since against Bournemouth, 26 August 2017.

3. Napoli swallowed his first home defeat at home to England in the Champions League.

4. Dries Mertens has contributed in 16 goals from 17 matches alongside Napoli in all competitions this season (12 goals, 4 assists)

5. Nicolas Otamendi has contributed two goals from the last three matches to Manchester City in all competitions after 93 appearances.

6. Leroy Sane has been involved in eight goals from the last six games for Manchester City in all competitions this season (3 goals, 5 assists).

7. No City player scored more goals than John Stones in the Champions League this season (3 goals, equivalent to Raheem Sterling).

8. Aguero carved his name as Manchester City’s top scorer of all time. Nicks 178 goals past the collection of 177 goals holder previous record, Eric Brook.

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