Persija Jakarta Can Invite to Play in Malaysia

Persija Jakarta Can Invite to Play in Malaysia

Persija Jakarta began to spread its wings to Southeast Asia. Invitations for invitations to tournaments in Southeast Asia have been accepted by Persija’s management team.

The closest itinerary, Persija will play in one of the tournaments in Malaysia. Not only bersilahturahmi, Persija make serious preparations to meet the invitation of one of the clubs in Malaysia.

President Director of Persija, Gede Widiade, said not only the invitation from Malaysia. They also received an invitation to conduct a test match in Padang which is planned to take place in January 2018.

“The first invitation was from the Mayor of Padang, the two from Kelantan and Selangor, the Malaysian league club Trofeo canceled triangle, meeting in January,” Gede said.

Gede added, there is one club from South Korea who also invites for testing, namely Hyundai Jeonbuk. The match is scheduled to take place in Indonesia.

Previously, some management representatives Hyundai Jeonbuk have come to Jakarta to discuss the test match, but then Persija still focus on following the League 1 competition. As a result, the match was canceled.

“The debt is still there, Hyundai Jeonbuk South Korea club, they want to come here, only Persija is not good, competing in. On the anniversary of Persija we will make trofeo,” said Gede.

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